1st Year Sleepover

1st Year Sleepover

The Meitheal tradition of hosting a 1st Year Sleepover continued this year when on Friday 26th January over 160 students camped out overnight in the gym.

Having worked all afternoon the gym was transformed into a magical camp-out location with music, fairy lights and even a movie screen, ready for an evening of fun activities. Laura, our zumba instructor came along for a fitness session before supper was served in the ref. Each 1st Year class group with their Meitheal leaders provided entertainment with serious competition amongst the classes.

An early morning exercise routine, followed by breakfast got Saturday morning off to an energetic start before students headed for home and no doubt to bed!

Click on the attached link to view the photo gallery - https://www.flickr.com/gp/142564981@N06/xV295P

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